Engraved Tags and Nameplates for Horse Tack, Stalls

A strip of duct tape with his name scribbled on it above Lucky’s bridle hook?!?  Yikes!
How about one of ETN’s engraved nameplates there instead?  Looks wonderful and lasts into the next millennium.
Take a look!

Our engraved horse tack tags and nameplates are great for: Bridles-Halters-Saddles-Pads-Cinches/Girths-Breast Collars-Turnout Blankets.

For those of you who board your horses or just want to spiff up your tack area, you can use these tags and nameplates for: Tack Trunks-Bridle And Halter Hooks-Saddle Stands-Wall Plates-Stall Plates and on and on and on.